200th Issue…Hurray!!!

November, 2018

Hi Folks

200 is just another number. By itself it doesn’t signify anything. However, try adding ‘years’, ‘times’, ‘runs’, ‘people’ to it. It gains in stature. It reflects maturity. It shows consistency. It stands for tenacity. It embodies support. Of course suffix the humble but mighty ‘0’ (zero) to it in multiples and prefix a currency – it suddenly elevates to a new high and becomes valuable.
So also our Samhita. What started as Lexspeak way back in November, 2009 has now metamorphed into Samhita and we are proud to present to you the landmark 200th issue. Back then when my practice had just started, we had little to do and a lot of time on hand. We had to find a way to fill the time meaningfully. To keep ourselves updated and also share the knowledge with a wider audience, we started publishing this newsletter. Today the practice has grown, we have much to do and very little time on hand. But I am glad we are continuing the fortnightly initiative as part of the practice pushing our boundaries. The journey has taught us lot of lessons in team work, scanning, mining, distilling & presenting complex information, effective communication, creative thinking, imagination, planning, execution, coordination with external agencies et al with an eye for quality and consistency. On a lighter note, who said “Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative” ?☺

Over the last 9 years, I am sure these lessons in leadership & organisation have positively impacted those team members who have been involved in Samhita one way or the other. These according to me are far more than an academic degree or skill set in making a true blue professional. I thank each one of them for the unstinted support they have offered through trying personal and professional schedules. I would also like to thank CA Naveen Bhat (for promptly confirming the Statutory Calendar month after month) and CA Krishnamurthy (for religiously sharing the tax summary since the advent of GST) as also Avohi, our technology partner over the years for design and delivery of Samhita on time, every time. And of course you, dear discerning readers deserve an applause for sparing time to read our thoughts & facts amidst busy schedules and flood of similar unsolicited newsletters. Your consistently encouraging and appreciative feedback to this humble release has kept the spirits up. We have promptly captured them as Readers’ Speak

Even as I was wondering how to make this milestone issue special, one of our readers and my good friend Guruprasad wrote to me asking if he can contribute an article on a contemporary topic that is transforming all our lives. I said why not. You will find the 1st part of this article “Block Chain Technology & Governance” in this 200th issue. Even as I contemplated how to share some new knowledge initiative on a long term basis, CAMP (Centre for Advanced Mediation Practices) came along and offered to contribute a series of awareness articles on Mediation as an alternative and cost-effective dispute resolution mechanism. Through the next few issues, you will be introduced to the World of Mediation, its techniques, application & benefits – all strung together in a lucid, easy to understand manner, written by Mediation practitioners.

Thanks are due to many, many people but honestly a BIG THANKS to MCA for the constant news feed – of course I am referring to the innumerable notifications, circulars, notices, rules & amendments being dished out by them on Companies Act. IBC, GST & FEMA follow as poor cousins – thankfully for us ☺ This 200th issue of Samhita carries the Companies Act Ordinance effective from 2nd November, 2018. It pays to ready carefully since most of the offences that were compoundable through fines have turned into non-compoundable penalties. Be prepared for more notices from ROC for violations and payment of penalty on adjudication.

Looking back and looking ahead, as we step into the 10th year of Samhita and ready ourselves for the next innings of yet another 100 issues, I would like to share what Mahatria Ra (a well-known motivational speaker & spiritual guru) said in one of his Infinitheism sessions a few months back :

“Bad habits grow by themselves – like Weeds. Good habits have to be cultivated – like Seeds.”

Together let us sow and cultivate the seeds of sharing knowledge and disperse it around – like Mother Earth does.

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