Green Work Place….

February, 2018

For every issue, selection of the theme and banner picture is the biggest challenge since it has to be something different yet connected to the current. Since the newsletter is entirely conceived and produced by our internal team, the exercise begins several days in advance…so that we don’t miss our fortnightly target. The banner related work is creative and may not have anything to do with the nature of our service which is advisory and compliances but the joy and team camaraderie that it spreads is immeasurable. Perhaps it gives us a break from the routine. A refreshing change from the process driven deliveries. A creative window to let out steam after frustrating follow up with clients endlessly for information ! Above all it gives great insights and keeps the team spirited.

Sometimes we look all around for something but ignore that which is within our reach. We miss living here and now. We look yonder. We aspire for ‘there’, for ‘that’, for ‘them’. So this time, we thought let us focus on ‘here’, on ‘this’ and on ‘us’ for the banner images. Result is you see a beautiful collage of our office garden – the green expanse, the colourful flowers, the neatly laid pebbles and the manicured grass. Those who have visited us will vouch for the stimulating experience they have had. Those who haven’t, this is a glimpse. You are welcome to drop by and soak it all ! I bet it will soothe your frayed nerves. At least you know for sure there is no fraud here, there is no artificiality, no connivance, no exaggeration – these are natural, genuine flowers, not ‘fake LOUs or diamonds’ !! Simply reflecting our firm’s value systems.

Perhaps this is what happened to some of our recent visitors ….guess who ? Our ancestors – yes, we had a gang of monkeys who wanted to get away from the urban concrete. They went on a mini rampage of the garden but they also provided a reprieve to our team which sparked off some lively banter. Didn’t I say invest in a garden to build the team spirit ? ☺

I must confess that this time the choice of featuring our very own plants and flowers was triggered by a call from a long time friend of mine. She chanced upon our ‘Green Work Place’ pictures as she was browsing our website and promptly called me to compliment – a fresh-looking work place with fresh-looking people ( She even gave me a tip – “You have such lovely flowers, when you want to carry some not-so-welcome tax news, say it with a flower picture”. Why not ? Going forward, you may suddenly find some breath-taking flower next to a thorny tax news and you will know why ☺

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