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November, 2019

Hi Folks

Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels (1790), noted that “laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies but let wasps and hornets break through.”

For a change, the editorial has flipped topics. News updates first and then my Musings ! If you thought my take on something of interest in life has been missed out in this issue, don’t be disappointed. Read on. While the economy is taking a nose dive, corporate performances are shaky, businesses are unable to stay afloat, regulators are getting ingenuously resourceful by the day to find ways to fill the tax kitty, do your bit as a corporate citizen but also find time to enjoy life. The beautiful pink-hued sunset chosen for this issue is not a stock picture of some exotic locale in an unknown land. It is on the banks of our very own Godavari river clicked on a normal camera, ouch….I mean mobile ! Enjoy the splash of colour in the sky as well as its reflection on the vast expanse of the revered river at Rajahmundry. To see this same sun set, many a times we pay a bomb at a foreign location and applaud in awe, thanks to the clever tourism marketed by that country. While we can blame governments for either overdoing the PR for tourism or not doing at all, can we as ordinary citizens become ambassadors of our own cities, towns, villages & monuments ? This struck me as I got talking to a beautiful lady that we met at a resort recently on the banks of the Godavari. Hailing from Rajahmundry (in Andhra Pradesh) but settled in Chennai, she looked gorgeous in a simple, green Uppada cotton saree (handloom from AP) teamed up with a bright, colourful mirror-worked choli from Gujarat. As she posed for pictures, she passionately spoke about the city, the grandeur of the river, the richness of its soil, the bountiful paddy-harvest, prosperity of its people, the stores to shop, food to eat, temples to visit etc. while bemoaning that Kerala is overrated when compared to her beautiful hometown. I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge, passion and pride. Why then did the dumb people manning the reception at the resort not even know why the river ride was cancelled recently thanks to an overloaded boat capsizing ? Why then did they not direct us to the many interesting places that she shared ? Because they lacked the passion and interest to learn and present. They were merely carrying out instructions (sometimes not even capable of that). They had no love for serving people. Perhaps they weren’t trained enough. Well, my thoughts wandered all over about a wide array of topics but rested in the assuring cocoon of thoughts that Aha ! there is hope as long as there are positive, enthusiastic people like the lady in the lovely green saree. We are the best ambassadors for our country. Lets do our best alongside what the Goverments do or not do !!

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