Age is just a number – A fresh welcome to 2014

December, 2013

A couple of days back, I met a senior citizen walking in to an ayurvedic therapy centre for a body massage. Nothing unusual ? An older body needs it the most ? You will be surprised to know that he was a grand old man, not just a senior citizen. He walked erect with no support, was well attired, did not have dentures or spectacles. He even refused help to cross the road. He threw a challenge at me to guess his age. I put it at 80s but was taken aback when he proudly declared that he was all of 96 and hoping to score a 100 ! The zest for life, the pride in being independent and his expectation to live a full life struck me. At an age when most people crib about being alive, complain about the pains, brood over the past, moan the lost companion and keep glorifying the good old days, it was refreshing to see a young 96 year old who was looking forward to yet another bright, sunny day. The secret was his positive outlook and hope for tomorrow.

Despite the setbacks we may have had this year, let us welcome 2014 with fresh hope, fresh ideas, thoughts and action plans. Our team wishes you all a wonderful New Year ahead !

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