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October, 2012

India is a land of several ‘Cs’ – contradictions, complexities, comparisons, creativity, chaos, corruption – the last of which is being talked about far too much than the others of late. This fortnight, we enjoyed ‘Dussehra’, the 10 day long festival being celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor across the country even as we know millions of Bond fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Sky Fall’ to release. While both ensure excellent entertainment in their own way – the message is loud and clear – victory of good over evil. For a change, let us move away from the topic of corruption and governance and focus on creativity.
This being the golden jubilee year of the Bond films, one of our professional associates, a die-hard Bond fan has beautifully chronicled the Bond Legend in the form of an interesting article.

BOND AND BUSINESS : Entrepreneur’s World – 20

Below is a partial list of the Bond legend. Should you require more such interesting insights, feel free to contact jay[email protected]. K. Jayachandran Company Secretary in Practice

This year is the Golden Jubilee Year of Bond Movies, since the First Bond Movie Dr. No was released in 1962. Since then there has been no looking back. The 23rd edition of the Bond Movie SKY FALL which was featured in London recently, is voted as one the best bond movies till date. More than a third and quarter of the world’s population has seen a bond movie at some point or the other. The Box Office Collections over the span of 50 years is a staggering USD 5 Billion – much more than what many successful businesses can aim at ! The suave British Secret Service Agent mesmerized the world with his charming looks and had the bond girls succumb to his wily charms. To top it, he had a terrific sense of humor. He was smart in dealing with his opponents with élan and his mission was always accomplished, of course with a LICENCE TO KILL. HERE IS HOW WE CAN MAKE A KILLING WHILE DOING OUR BUSINESS: Go Ahead, Enjoy And Do “Business The Bond Way” !!


– 1967 STARRING SEAN CONNERY Dear people from the business fraternity, all of us live twice, one for our dreams and one for our life. Let us leave it to God to take care of our lives, because he decides how long we are going to live. As for chasing dreams, it is within our realm and let us prove it by realizing ourselves to be the best in the business of whatever business we do.


– 1973 STARRING ROGER MOORE Let us not live for ourselves and let others to fend for themselves (i.e. to DIE). But let us learn to Live and Let Live. As professionals and entrepreneurs, we should encourage upcoming, fledgling employees in the organization by taking them into confidence as if they are part of the business. Let us bring out the best in them by imparting proper training which in turn will enable them to cater to the needs of the organization with self-confidence.


– 1983 STARRING SEAN CONNERY Never say no to taking up challenges, because challenges and opportunities never come quite often. As and when they come, entrepreneurs should gear up to meet the challenges and turn them into opportunities for success. Never Say Never Again to challenges. The more the merrier for an entrepreneur.


– 1987 STARRING TIMOTHY DALTON Top Executives of an Organization should not adopt a carrot and stick policy when dealing with their subordinates, which in turn will scare the living daylights out of their minds. It is likely to affect their morale and the cascading effect on the hierarchy will not augur well for the growth of the organization. The top executives should inculcate a sense of self confidence in the subordinates. This can be done by constantly encouraging them to do better, and if they go wrong, tell them politely, that the particular work could have been done better.


– 1995 STARRING PIERCE BROSNAN Let the Corporate honchos keep a watch on the business ethics and Corporate Compliances with a Golden Eye. A Golden Eye is required to scan through the maze of various legislations and ensure timely compliances which in turn will create sustainable business.


– 1997 STARRING PIERCE BROSNAN Corporate Executives and Businessmen should never fear about tomorrow about their business prospects or in achieving their goals, because tomorrow never dies. By setting target to achieve their business goals ahead of tomorrow, i.e. today, they can overcome the fear of tomorrow.


– 1999 STARRING PIERCE BROSNAN The general saying is Sky is the Limit, but, with globalization of the economy, all boundaries have been broken, be it for the market, be it for talent, be it for standards, be it for funding, be it for sourcing or any other aspect of business. Indeed the The World is not Enough and businessmen need to think and act beyond self-imposed boundaries. ® #20 4


– 2008 STARRING DANIEL CRAIG Managing Directors and CEOs should provide the required Quantum of Solace to the Board of Directors, by having a code of conduct for the entire organization and adopting good governance norms. This would provide the much needed comfort net and solace to the Board including the non-executive directors, that the Organization is in safe hands of the people at the helm.

So passionate is he about the Bond movies that he has dedicated the piece ‘Bond and Business’ to the charms of Mr. Bond and allowed his imagination to run far and wide. Who says Company Secretaries are not a creative lot ? The power of imagination and creativity has no boundaries, unless we deliberately shackle them.

Bond is empowered with his ubiquitous 007 and you with the power of information, with the power of knowledge that never dies !

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