Budget – 2020!!

February, 2020

Hi Folks

From the 1st Budget presented in Independent India by the first Finance Minister, R K Shanmukham Chetty on 27th November, 1947 to the latest one presented by India’s first woman Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman on 1st February, 2020, Budget presentation has been the most awaited annual event both for corporate citizens as well as the common man. It has always received mixed reactions and shaped the economy in its own way, whether we like to admit or not. Irony is even after 40 years, the Common Man’s perplexed look in the famed cartoonist R K Laxman’s cartoon strip way back in 1980 matches the look on the Aam Aadmi’s face (not to be confused with AAP !) in 2020 !! The wry comments of the cartoonist about the Budget presented in 1980 by the then Finance Minister R Venkataraman holds good even today. No wonder a cartoon is the most non-offensive and effective communication that holds a mirror to realities in the true sense. Love it or hate it, one cannot ignore a cartoon that reflects the universal truth. More so Laxman’s which is timeless, ageless & priceless !!

Nirmala Sitharaman’s budget speech was long and unfinished. I assure you I will not unleash a long editorial this time. The time-tested and all-weather-proof, cartoon says it all. Suffice to say the devil lies in the details and more so in the fine print of the Budget which we have tried to summarise and carry relevant highlights. You can decipher and decode yourself if it is presented from the economic angle or points towards the ‘Aspirational India’ and ‘Caring Society’ that the Minister referred to.

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