Carry your childhood with you & stay young – Happy Children’s Day!!

November, 2016

There are so many incredible happenings around us that we forget today is Children’s Day. Let us not forget the child in us.

Life will be so much more enjoyable. Am sure all of you will relate to this beautiful message….

“To the child in you –
They told me to behave maturely, so I forgot how to be naughty.
They told me not to be naive, so I forgot how to be innocent.
They told me not to trust easily, so I forgot to have faith.
They told me life is unfair, so I forgot how to be fair.
They told me that this is a fake world, so I forgot how to be genuine.
They told me bigger is better, so I forgot the little things that made me smile.
They told me money is the prime source of happiness, so I focused on earning money and forgot how to be happy.
They told me my time for playing games was over, but I didn’t listen to them this time- I learnt to play other games.
They told me everything comes with a tag ‘conditions apply’, so I forgot how to love unconditionally.
They told me you’re an adult now, so I forgot how to be a child ! “

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