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September, 2014

“Make-in-India, Mangalyaan, Madison Square, Modi” – the M word seems to be the flavor this festive season. But the Moment of Truth will arrive when the ambitious announcements made by the PM actually become a ground reality. Two of his intentions are priority in my wish list – ease of doing business and eliminating unnecessary laws.

Perhaps Modi is able to sell his dreams abroad but can he do it in India, given the multi-party Centre-State relationship and the Central, State and Concurrent List in the Constitution ? Will he be able to get a buy-in from the State Governments ? Will his dream percolate down as action at the municipal and panchayat levels ? Why go so far ? Will the ‘ease of doing business’ intent be put into action first in the mother legislation – Companies Act, 2013 which is evolving and changing faster than the mobile phones of youth today ? ‘Do it right first time’ is the quality mantra but with this piece of law it is ‘Fix it every time’.

When we professionals ourselves are unable to understand and interpret the law correctly (most of the times, bad drafting being the reason) how can one expect promoters and companies to comply with it ? Simplicity in communication and clarity of thought which are Modi’s hallmarks of oratory must be translated into legislations, intentions and actions. Only then will laws become unambiguous and doing business be easy.

The other M is the Mind which can get into boundless orbits and achieve unimaginable things. What is required is discipline and determination. You will be surprised with what can be achieved through this infinite power source called Mind.

This Navarathri let us channelize and energise our minds for our own betterment and the community at large.

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