Child and You!!!

November, 2022

Dear Friends

‘Samhita’ as a living, breathing person who is expressive and evolving. From taking baby steps way back in November, 2009 as Lexspeak, shy and unsure of herself ( to finding her feet during the tweens to completing 13 years in 2022, she has blossomed into a teenager through the 280+ issues sharing a variety of things – regulatory updates, professional articles, statutory calendar reminders, hand-picked thought for the month, jokes, legal maxims, phrases & definitions, INCOTERMS, insurance terms, tips to improve English, better business communication and of course the much-awaited insightful, Editorials. This year she has turned towards books and is recommending good reads with a short review under the “Books : Best Buddy” column. She has been reinventing to keep herself relevant to a cross section of the readers – legal and accounting professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, management graduates, corporate honchos, home makers, social sector evangelists et al. The Sun continues to shine. The Clouds continue to float. The Seas continue to roar. The Rivers continue to flow. The Mountains continue to stand. The Birds continue to fly. So shall Samhita continue to share for years to come, in pursuit of its inspiration “Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya” (light of knowledge removes the darkness of ignorance) !!

Talking of growing up, I really wish we don’t. We are a child if we still retain the following attributes :

Joy| Fearlessness| Curiosity| Energy| Enthusiasm| Mischief| Adventure| Letting go| Experimenting| Being carefree |

Someone said “We are not our age. We are our energy”. This was in full display during our recent trip to Chiguru Farms, a 15 acres fully functional organic farm, about 50 kms from Bangalore. Children and adults alike, all of us rediscovered the child in us as we walked around plucking fresh fruits from the 35 varieties – guavas, sapotas, bananas, yellow sapotas, lychees, butter fruits, wild berries, water apples, many more that I don’t remember – biting into them, understanding the varieties of rice and millets grown, admiring the beautiful flowers, tall trees, rows of chemical-free vegetables, throwing stones into the well-preserved lakes, lovingly nurtured ponds over the years and enjoying the simple spectre of ripples in the water. Rani, the sheep gave us company all through the 3 hour walk and was happy being cuddled as she posed for clicks. Other farm animals like cows, calves, sheep, chicks, goats welcomed us affectionately and added to the rural experience.

Raghavendra Bhat, an IT professional-turned-Chiguru Founder took us on a trip explaining everything about the farm, its produce, how chemical-free it is and the whole ecosystem of sustainable living. Food served is prepared from 80% ingredients grown naturally on the farm. His anecdotes from the experiential farm trips shamed us into realising how little we know about what we eat and how it is grown. Looking at a 5 day old calf, I believe, a teacher asked “How much milk does she give ?” Another stunner was from an innocent child who asked “Do you grow the snacks also on the farm?” This huge gap has inspired Bhat into offering curated learning trips to school children, families and communities.

Fearing the notorious Bangalore road traffic, while most of us had announced that we would wind up post a sumptuous home-made lunch, we landed up having evening tea and snacks as we huddled over board games and antyakshari. We played many old outdoor and traditional board games that some of us never knew or had long forgotten since childhood. There was so much strategy, aggression, skill and fun involved – simple yet satisfying. Oh how can I forget to mention the thrill of tree climbing, swinging on the rubber tyre hanging from the branches, enjoying the jhoola with gay abandon, sipping freshly made jaggery-cardomom-lemon drink ! Regained the child in us as we got more energetic through the day. It was a day of bonding. A trip back into childhood. All this was ironically a day before Children’s Day / Week – 14th to 20th November.

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