Clean up your top floor!!!

October, 2022

Dear Friends

Wishing everyone ‘wisdom, well-being and wealth’ beyond Deepavali, that just concluded. While most of us get into a cleaning spree of homes, offices, stores and just about everything physical, don’t you think it is equally important to clean our minds and hearts as well ? To rid our ‘top floor’ of negative thoughts, self-imposed constraints, limiting beliefs, prejudices, misconceptions and fear. Emptying out or purging is as important as acquiring and accumulating. Infact more I would say. With age and so-called experience, our minds get clogged and unwanted, heavy baggage derail our life’s journey from being joyful and productive. It is essential that we rediscover ourselves, realign our goals and repurpose our lives from time to time.

In order to help our employees do this and be a better self, recently we had a beautiful personality development programme facilitated by a well known Learning Facilitator ( It was a fun-filled, action packed time spent together that threw up the following top-12 learnings (as shared by my team), presented creatively by Ms. Amritha Puranik, CS Intern :


1. Nobody thinks about you. Stop thinking what others think about you.

5. Destination and the journey, both are equally important. Enjoy both.

7. Life is not all black and white. Learn to accept the grey in between.

9. Power of visualisation is strong. Visualise first and then act. Results will follow.

10. Big things being the same, small things make a big difference.

11. Seeking help is not a weakness.

12. Care for yourself like how you care for others. Me-time is not selfishness.


2. We are here to express, not to impress. Impression should be the outcome, not the objective.

3. Give yourself the permission to fail. You are not a failure as long as you don’t fail to learn from it.

4. Let’s serve with care, not with worry.

6. Convert fear into curiosity – things will become easier.

8. You are your own limitation. You are more capable than what you think. Challenge yourself.

The best part was that all of these came from group activities and not from a lecture session. I believe this internalisation will result in individual actions for betterment.

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