Create ripples to change the world

May, 2013

Cancer we all know, strikes human beings and more often than not is in a ‘stealth mode’ until discovered. Invariably, even after discovery the affected person battles for long – sometimes with the disease and sometimes with the after-effects of the deadly, painful treatments. The approach is to sever the affected part, hoping that the almost invincible disease does not spread its tentacles elsewhere. If it is a human body, perhaps this ‘severing’ works or even a preventive transplant of the ‘Jolie’ kind. But does this work if the afflicted is a society at large ?

I am referring to the ‘cancer’ of corruption, of impropriety, of adultery, of data fudging, of mismanagement, of fixing, of ponzi schemes, of dubious, vanishing companies, of conflict of interest and more – that has plagued the world at large cutting across sportsmen, sporting events, corporates, corporate honchos, politicians, celebrities, media, government officials, financial institutions, academia and what have you ! ‘Cancer’ in its various forms has left no one untouched, following an ‘inclusive policy’. The obvious victims have been WE THE PEOPLE.
What is the way out then ? Does severing the rotten part of the society help ? Will it arrest further spread ? Or should the malaise be uprooted altogether ? Perhaps both actions are required. Most importantly, what we need is a fundamental change in our thinking, a paradigm shift in our actions leading to a transformation in the way we live. It is a process, not an event. It is time for change in favour of propriety and good governance. You need to figure out how you want to do it.

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