Deja Vu….Vuja De!!!

August, 2019

Hi Folks

Wondering if I got the words wrong ? Should it read ‘Déjà vu’? I felt the same when I first heard someone talking at length about ‘Vuja de’. In any case I was glad I learnt a new term – Vuja de meaning “a fresh perspective to a familiar issue, problem, situation, event, everyday things as if you were seeing it for the first time”. I guess a child has a vuja de moment several times in a day. Makes life interesting for him and difficult for the parent, what with his constant questions of curiosity. Sadly with age we lose these vuja de moments, these fresh perspectives to life, making it monotonous and dull. But if an entrepreneur adopts the vuja de approach, he can find solutions to everyday problems. This is how startups are born !

It was no coincidence that the morning I first heard Vuja de, I also anchored a talk on “Neuroscience of Cancer & Immortality” by a young, dynamic Yogic Neurosurgeon – Dr. Mayur Kaku. He didn’t use the word Vuja de but his entire talk itself was ‘Vuja de’, bringing fresh perspectives about how earth came to life, how life came to earth billions of years ago, the origin of life cell, the birth of life which is consciousness from chaos, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, earthquakes, how life begets life, sun as the fuel of life and finally cancer cell – how it desires to be immortal, how it spreads recklessly and a cancer warrior’s Vuja de moment when he / she counts the dreaded cancer as a blessing because it helps analyse life better i.e. consciousness better. It was rather strange to hear the doctor say “Cancer is a cell which defies its regular function and wants IMMORTALITY, jeopardising the host! IMMORTALITY is what all of us dream of, but NOT a cancer cell with immortal behaviour!!”. But let’s accept. This is the truth. The reality that corrupt cancer cells spread fast and furious and we need to fight it through good cells, good lifestyle, a healthy body, a positive mind. More importantly adapt new practices for a new life. Yes, this was the déjà vu moment for me because as a cancer warrior, I felt I am privileged to experience consciousness, to look at life differently, value and live life better and help others live better too ! There are many other perspectives about life, yoga and science that the young medico revealed to us but it suffices to know a Vuja de moment, a Vuja de approach to life makes it more meaningful and fulfilling.

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