Education and technology Gulaami

September, 2013

“It is a mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” said Aristotle. What sort of a mind is it that neither accepts nor rejects a thought ? For that matter, is there a thought at all in some minds ? The minds that thoughtlessly take refuge in God GOOGLE when besought with a question and reproduce are surely not educated minds. Education is not merely being able to read, access information from publicly available resource, copy and paste without application of mind. With or without degrees this can be achieved but true education happens when the curiosity and inquisitiveness is kindled, is triggered and the quest for answers begins.

Be that as it may, remembering 5th September as Teachers Day in memory of Dr. S Radhakrishnan, our second President and all those that have taught us over the years. Not to forget 15th September as Engineers Day in memory of Sir M Vishweshwariah, the Engineering marvel of Karnataka.

Ministry of Company Affairs seems to be making up for lot of lost ground – numerous Rules and Regulations have been put in the public domain for comments. The overzealous bureaucracy has begun implementation of the Act in phases, with the notification of select 98 sections which is bound to reign in confusion and chaos.

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