Endurance the ‘E’ mantra

May, 2014

Elections and Cricket have gripped the nation over the last couple of months. If BJP and NaMo have emerged victors routing everyone else that came in their way, we need to wait and watch which IPL team will be crowned King on 1st June as the ‘sportainment’ comes to an end. Enough and more has been said and written about Modi and his leadership qualities. I am not competent to add anything new other than what is floating around. But yes, I can share something about ‘ENDURANCE’ which is a sine qua non for anyone who wishes to excel, be it in sports, be it in politics, be it in academics, be it in profession or be it in life.

Rajasthan Royals has given its best shot this IPL season with a bunch of fresh, new talent. One of their stars is Karun Nair, a 22 year old lad from Namma Bengaluru. His commendable performance on the ground is due to his sheer hard work, dedication and cool attitude. But what sets him apart is his legendary quality of ENDURANCE. When he was about 11 years old, Unni (as Karun is fondly known) went late one day to his cricket practice. His coach, a strict disciplinarian asked him to run until instructions to stop. So the boy kept running, mindless of the time. When his father went to pick him, he was surprised to find that Unni was nowhere at the practice nets. Concerned he asked the coach. Only then, did the coach realize that he had instructed the boy to run but had forgotten to ask him to stop. Any guess how long that was ? More than 2 hours !! The little boy stopped only after the coach called out to him. There was no complaint, no regret, no anger. Unni is endowed with a tremendous capacity of endurance. No wonder he is one of the emerging stars in the crowded cricket scene today. I am privy to this incident because my boys practice with Karun Nair and are childhood buddies.

We as professionals need tons of endurance and fortitude to face the challenges thrown at us by the still evolving new Companies Act. Add to that the likelihood of having to cope with GST, DTC and a whole lot of changes that is expected from the new Government in India.

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