August, 2015

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.”

This is what we have done at office. The flowers you see in the banner are not photographs from the Independence Day Flower Show in Lalbagh or downloaded from Google. Yes, they are real flowers grown in our terrace garden overlooking the office. The splash of green and riot of colours is a treat to watch – soothing and equally energising when we feel sapped with the changing rules and regulations constantly  The long branches of the huge trees overlooking the other side of the office almost seem to shake hands with us every day, beckoning us to take in their fresh air. The thick canopy of leaves provide shelter to birds of different hues as well as insects to feed on.

Truly Mother Earth is by herself nurturing and self-sustaining. Live and let live is her mantra but do we heed ? As they say, “a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” On the other hand, we think how to ensure the guy next to us does not bloom. It does not matter whether we bloom or not !

The other day I read somewhere of a mosquito factory that China is building to control dengue ………the male mosquitoes are infected with a bacteria that can make the female ones infertile. This would obviously reduce the mosquito population. In China everything is on a massive scale. How effective and fruitful it will be, only time will tell. Coincidentally the same day I was discussing with one of my staff members who is from the hinterland but has an earthy sense of wisdom when it comes to environment and life. As we talked on the mosquito menace he pointed out how the lack of adequate frogs in cities has led to an increase in mosquitoes. Frogs feed on mosquitoes and other insects which is nature’s way of maintaining the ecological balance. I realised how true it was. When was the last I had seen a frog or heard it croak ? where is the marsh for the frog to live ? where is the water for the marsh ? where are the rains to fill ponds and lakes ? where are the trees for the clouds to form ? I am now running out of questions and answers to solve this eco puzzle. No wonder even a seemingly small being like a mosquito can become alarmingly deadly.

Ok. Ok. Have I gone astray now……..singing paeans to the flora and fauna ? May be not !!

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