Happy Engineer’s day!!!

September, 2018

That must be the secret of his longevity. What ? the attitude that “I am a little bird that has broken out of the egg”. The sense of freedom. The sense of breathing fresh air. The sense of joy and breaking out. He didn’t say this. He didn’t ‘appear’ to live a life like this. On the contrary, he is known as a strict disciplinarian whose brilliance and toil earned him Bharat Ratna. But surely he must have enjoyed what he did – building bridges, dams and factories and more. No wonder he lived upto the ripe age of 102. Who ? None other than the doyen of Indian Engineering, Sir M Visveswaraya, whose birthday on 15th September is celebrated as Engineer’s Day !

As we pay tribute to one of India’s finest engineers, let us find joy in what we do, as he did. Let us keep the wonderment alive in our lives. Let us resolve to break out of the sense of drudgery and monotony. Let us work towards perfection and excellence. Success will follow. These thoughts seem all the more relevant for us as we are caught in a whirpool of deadlines, KYCs, disclosures, compliances etc. Many of which we stretch to ensure for others. Dependant on their timelines. Dependant on an undependable technology platform. But the best part is to steer through these challenges and complete a task. Of course I am referring to the DIR3 KYC filings, the reminders to corporates to disclose their Significant Beneficial Ownership – all in an effort by the Government to pierce the shell and find the ‘person’ behind it or ‘smash’ the shell itself. Well, there has been an underprepared overdrive which has exposed the vulnerability of the technology and undesired DIN deactivations leading to uproar.

To keep our calm amidst this sea of chaos is a challenge. We need all the inner resolve in the world to keep going. As they say, Keep Walking. Keep Moving Forward !!

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