Happy Mother’s Day!!

May, 2019

Hi Folks

Who can forget these evergreen, powerful dialogues from the 1975 Bollywood blockbuster film Deewar ?

Vijay (played by Amitabh Bachchan) : “Aaj mere paas paisa hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai, naukar hai, bank balance hai, aur tumare paas kya hai ?”

(“Today I have money, bungalow, car, servants & bank balance….and what do you have ?”)

Ravi (played by Shashi Kapoor) : “Mere paas Maa hai !” (“I have mother with me”).

The mother dialogue stole the thunder. It made the actor immortal. The movie an all-time hit. These few words said it all back then. Say it even today. Whether in the film world or history or mythology or the present day tech-driven world, Maa or Mother (in whatever form) shall remain the most loved, respected, revered and immortal figure in our lives. Across countries. Spanning cultures. Encompassing languages.

Mother’s Day just went by. Bombarded by Happy Mother’s Day messages and wishes from all and sundry. Like any other ‘Day’ it has got as commercial as it can with cards, gifts, events, social media posts and what not. Even my driver, shyly offered a single rose to me through my son – reminding me that 12th May, Sunday is ‘My Day’. How blessed should I feel ☺

In my view mother is not a noun. Not a gender. Mother represents certain attributes, qualities and emotions that can be displayed by both a man and a woman. While from friends to family to strangers, almost everyone chooses to pay tribute to this wonderful being called ‘Mother’, the best and most touching one came to me a few months back from one of my senior readers about his wife, as below :

“Thanks to my wife, she keeps my morale boosted from time to time, from morn till night. I am not exaggerating. At this ripe age I realise how important my friend turned my wife / turned my children’s mother / turned my grandchildren’s grandmother / turned my daughter-in-law’s mother-in-law is. She continues to keep all these dependants in good health, happy frame of mind and develops in them the importance of love and affection.

Oh, My God! But for my being elder than her, I would have fallen flat on her feet and sought her blessings. In expressing these thoughts of mine, I am not just praising my wife. I can imagine in every household there is one such lady. Thus the mankind praises all the Ammas.” Salutations to the Amma in each one of us.

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