Happy Republic Day!!

January, 2019

I couldn’t have chosen the quote in the banner at a more opportune time than now. Now, when we are besieged with shocking news about brazen conflict of interest, breach of code of conduct and misuse of position by a ‘Corporate czar’ who was a star in most ‘Corporate Governance Award’ ceremonies and had truly worked her way up to becoming a stellar role model for corporate women. What is right, what is the right way and right time must be decided by each one of us at every step in our life, whether personal or professional. Listen to the true inner voice. It will never fail you ! Challenge lies in how to find it, how to fine-tune it and how to use it in moments of dilemma.

It is heartening to note that when one model falls, several others rise. There is no dearth of women role models today. The small but growing number of women in the armed forces, especially the young women officers leading the contingents in the Republic Day Parade this year was testimony to this fact. 26th January, 1950 to 26th January, 2019……it took our nation 70 long years to recognise this and at the most appropriate time when an eminent woman is our Defence Minister. I would like to share that incidentally 26th January is significant for yet another reason – it was the day way back in 1975, that Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist organisation that promotes peace and happiness both at the individual as well as societal levels across the world was created. It is a faith and not a religion. It is a life transforming philosophy dating back to the 12th century that places great importance on empowerment of youth and women. The teachings and activities are aimed at helping the individuals to realise their inner strength and achieve victory over crises, with focus on family being the fulcrum of growth and peaceful coexistence. So, so relevant in today’s troubled times.

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