Hum Honge Kamyab!!

March, 2020

#Ham Honge Kamayab #We shall overcome – Together. Strangely for the first time ever, human race is in it together – not as a group but as individuals. Unfathomable. Unimaginable. Unnerving. Eerie. Sci-fi movie type. Together we stand, Divided we fall – yes, we all “stand together at a distance” to fight against COVID-19, a miniscule, dreaded virus that has brought the whole world to a standstill that has never been seen in history before ! If we are divided in our purpose and “come together” crossing the Lakshman Rekha, we are sure to fail and fall. Let’s continue to honour the “social distancing” norms even as we bridge the “emotional distancing” and help each other tide over this apocalypse. Much has been shared about the family bonds growing during this crisis, thanks to the forced lockdown and #WFH (Work From Home). Managing all on our own, we have come to realise the value of every single person who contributes in our life – maid, sweeper, driver, gardener, office peon, security, grocer, delivery boy, electrician, plumber, spouse, children, office colleagues, even the boss….the list goes on. The eternal truth that man is a gregarious being and cannot live in isolation is dawning upon all of us like never before.Each of us are interdependent on the other, irrespective of the function and status. ‘Social distancing’ is highlighting ‘interdependency’ – what an oxymoron-like situation !

I may be pardoned for talking about my Cancer days now but I am tempted to share a few life lessons from that experience where I was home-bound for months but pulled though successfully:

Positive energy from within and the universe – a crisis brings out the best in us. Let us use the positive energy within us and spread it as much as possible.
Milestone approach – When the journey is long, break it up into milestone activities.
Live for the moment – Enjoy the small things. This too shall pass.
Accept the situation and adapt – Ordinary things taken for granted become special. Sudden changes shake you up. Create a different daily routine to tackle.
Believe in yourself and your own power – both as an individual and as a society. Unleash the indomitable spirit hidden somewhere deep within. Lets fight this together !
Strategise right in the beginning – a few countries have done it. Others haven’t and we are seeing the devastating difference.
Stay calm and safe – No ‘why us’, ‘why now’ questions – we humans know how we have exploited Mother Nature and her other ‘children’. It is a sort of ‘reclaim action’. Stay calm, staysafe.
Be prepared for ‘side-kicks’ – Journey is long. Despite strategizing, be prepared for shocks and encountering ‘side-kicks’. Learn to deal with them.
Trust and delegate – most critical for WFH. Take everyone into confidence. You are not as
important as you think. Life goes on, perhaps even better without you !
Practise social media distancing – along with social distancing. Avoid fake news and fear-mongering.
Build immunity – through physical activity and mental strength. Relax and rejuvenate.
People are the greatest assets – Take care of employees, customers, vendors, friends & family.

#Let’s be ‘alone together’ ! #Hum honge kamayab !! #Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe, We shall overcome !!!

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