If you rest…You rust!!

May, 2020

Dear Friends

Each one of us has some interesting lessons to share during these lockdown times. Not that there was no learning earlier. Just that we were too busy to stop by and observe. We thought we were ‘living it out’. Were we ? Perhaps not. We had allowed ourselves to be swept away in the swirl of events, even forgetting our own selves, our talents, our interests, our health & our relationships. The positive side-effect of COVID19 is that such hidden talents are surfacing albeit hesitantly, through songs, sketches, games, recipes, knitting, painting, photography, talks etc. Ms. Ashwini Hegde, one of our long term team members has sketched this beautiful piece. I never knew she had this artist hidden in her. The current situation has helped her rediscover herself and now she vows to spend a few hours every week sketching. Doing what we like best, apart from ‘working’ is the best therapy we deserve and should give ourselves !

You will be surprised that Work can also be therapeutic at times. Especially if you get back after a long period of rest due to lockdown, mourning, illness or joblessness. You value the availability of work even more just like you value rest and relaxation. As they say, you value something only when you lose it. This is what my servant maid and press-wallah (dhobhi) realised, being out of work for nearly 6 weeks. While they were itching to return to work, they had rusted so much by over-resting that for the initial few days they couldn’t work. Lakshmi said “Akka, I was tired and bored sitting at home but now after resuming work, I realise my body is not cooperating with me. I am unable to walk, bend and clean. Experiencing severe body pain”. Manogaran, the press-wallah said “Madam, the iron-box seems so heavy now that I am unable to lift it. My hands and feet are protesting”. Well, the only antidote to this malady is work, work, work. A few days into the week, both of them are feeling better and happy, feeling wanted, feeling a sense of pride and self-esteem. While “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular adage, the current forced hiatus has also taught us that “All rest and no work makes Jack a rusted boy” ! Lets welcome Work during these times to rebuild our society – with care & responsibility that we are the trustees of Mother Earth. The way we live and work has changed. Let Responsible & Responsive Living be the New Normal !!

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