It is all in the mind – Salutes to Dr.Malathi Holla!!

August, 2014

Let me begin this issue seeking the blessings of the Elephant-headed God Ganesha who will be welcomed home tomorrow with joy and gaiety. He is worshipped before we commence any new task so that there are no obstacles in the way. While for some obstacles are unrecognized opportunities, for those that are awake and alert, obstacles are opportunities looming large.

One such celebrity is Dr. Malathi Holla (in the picture) who despite being wheel-chair bound has many achievements to her credit. She has many awards bestowed on her – Padmashree, Arjuna, Ekalavya, Aryabhatta, Karamveer, Sankalp Ratna, Manava Ratna………….the list is endless together with some 300 medals.

She is a paraplegic Olympian, a great sportswoman who says “Our mind is not paralysed, our hands are not paralysed, our heart is not paralysed……….only a small portion of our body is paralysed. So, what stops us from achieving what we want ?” She has turned every single obstacle in her life into an opportunity and is now running an NGO called ‘Mathru Foundation’ for handicapped boys. Instead of lamenting over her own destiny, she is creating one for others !

Salutations to this wonderful human being who is modesty personified

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