Knowledge is power!!

December, 2019

Hi Folks

November, 2009 – we were small back then. Just trying to open our eyes. Crawling. Struggling to find our feet amidst the plethora of corporate and legal information available at different levels. Need was internal. To educate and keep ourselves abreast on a regular basis since we had little work on hand. We were twiddling our thumbs then, waiting for assignments to come our way. Believing that Knowledge is Power and it is a unique undiminishing Resource that grows when shared, we started sharing it with other stakeholders in our ecosystem.

There was no grand vision. There was no focussed plan. There was no ambition to be the fastest growing or the largest newsletter in terms of reach. The only goal was not to Give Up, not to stop (though we have had some misses) but to Keep Moving Forward, fortnight after fortnight. Not to reach a destination but merely to enjoy the journey. To learn, unlearn & relearn. To put the best foot forward (should I say best words and choicest thoughts ?☺). To strive towards quality. To keep at it, come rain or come shine (as they say proverbially). Feedback or no feedback. Until the realisation dawned that You are what You Do Repeatedly. You can only get better and better. It can never go worse. Never deteriorate. And today we are proud to say we are all of 10 ! 2009 to 2019 – Lexspeak turned Samhita, a collation, a potpourri of regulatory news, due dates, celebrity quotes, inspiring thoughts, funny takes, creative banners (that have never, ever been repeated during the last 10 years across the 225 issues) and my own humble Musings on Life as I see it !

Some of you have been associated since the 1st issue in 2009 while many of you have joined along the way. Some of you have expressed your thoughts and feedback (Readers’ Speak section in while some of you have chosen to remain silent. Either ways, we are grateful for your company. Sometimes the feedback has been so touching that it surprises me – the power of thoughts and words and how it can influence and impact. A big thank you for helping us grow and evolve during this 10 year long incredible journey. Hoping to travel along for another decade at least !

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