LexSpeak Century-Hurray!!

February, 2014

100 issues of Lexspeak, fortnight after fortnight over the last 51 months is a milestone in our journey. It has helped us reaffirm that it is not the end but just another benchmark for us to breach. It has helped us reaffirm that it pays, sharing knowledge consistently, with or without tangible results.

A few issues back, I had talked of my 97 year old uncle who has written a research article on uranium mining in India at that ripe age. The boundless energy he has, has propelled him to trace his mother’s side family tree now. These days he is excited as he is in touch with many of his relations across the globe over the phone and internet. To stay young he says you must be engaged in something worthwhile and keep innovating. Lexspeak is relatively young at 100 when compared to him, but in this issue we have also attempted to do something different and fresh. The concepts have changed within the newsletter, people have changed, content is of course dynamic and current and the editorial is evolving by the day. However I believe what remains constant is the spirit of consistency, authenticity and innovation.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and patronization.

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