LexSpeak rechristened as “Samhita”

January, 2018

❖ Circa – 2018
❖ Month – January
❖ Volume – 10
❖ Issue – 180
❖ New Release – Samhita

As we enter the New Year 2018, LexSpeak is rechristened as “Samhita” meaning “Put together, Connected together, Joined” !!

As a team we deliberated a lot, for days, weeks and months on what exactly will represent the intent of this Communique that started 9 years ago. It is beyond legislative changes and regulatory updates. Beyond reminders for tax dates. Beyond legal concepts & definitions. Beyond a thematic banner. Beyond the ubiquitous Thought for the Day. Beyond the light-hearted Funny Quote. Beyond the peek into myriad colours and flavours of life experienced through my editorials. Samhita is a pot pourri of all of these and more “Put together to Connect all of us together” with a simple intent of sharing the good things in life – knowledge and wisdom, that grows by giving !

My team has enjoyed putting together LexSpeak so far. Will continue to enjoy offering Samhita from now on as we hope you will, receiving and reading this fortnightly communiqué.

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