Light your life with faith, hope and belief

October, 2014

October is significant for many reasons – 1st week for the ‘Joy of Giving Week’, 31st for ‘National Unity Day’ in commemoration of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallababhai Patel and the entire month for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Cancer survivors gain strength to conquer the illness because of the faith in themselves and the eternal hope of seeing yet another day in their lives. I can vouch for this out of my own personal experience. In fact all of us can be victorious on many fronts if we have the faith, hope and belief in ourselves.

The same hope holds us in our professional front also as we anticipate changes in the new Companies Act, 2013 in the winter session of the parliament. Good news is we can expect exemptions on several fronts for private limited companies, government companies, charitable companies and nidhi companies through an amendment to the Act. This was confirmed by the Additional Secretary of MCA, Mr. Joseph in a seminar in Bangalore.

The key will however remain how good a balance the Government strikes between good governance and the ease of doing business. For this both industry and professionals must join hands with them in eradicating the cancerous growth of misgovernance.

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