Live life King size

October, 2013

Life is full of ups and downs – much like our Bangalore roads made interesting or worse (as you see it) with unexpected one-ways, traffic clogged intersections, fly-overs with signals, abrupt dead-ends, blockades due to some social or political events, broad crosses and narrow mains, unwanted humps et al. This is so true of so many other Indian cities as well. Perhaps the uncertainty and chaos makes life so resilient and interesting. Add to this the innumerable festivals and celebrations all through the year and you are bound to be pepped up despite negative sentiments all around. Economy is not complaining either during these short bouts of heightened activity.

As we bid farewell to the 10 day long Dussehra celebrations, we look forward to the festival of lights in a few weeks from now. Falling stock indices, fluctuating currency, lower growth rates, shrinking job markets, shooting inflation, natural or man-made calamities – nothing can dampen the human spirit.

Life continues to be celebrated amidst small little joys and smiles !

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