Lock and Key – World Poetry day

March, 2016

Why is our banner focusing on Poetry of all things ? When there is the T20 cricket excitement all around, when there are outrageous power outages, when there is a shakeup in the global economy, when the NPAs are ballooning to burst, when several startups are failing to raise further rounds of funding leading to lay-offs and exits in panic mode, when true leadership or the lack of it is coming to fore in such times of crisis …………..let’s get closer to what it means to you and me, when 31st March signifies stock takes, cash closing, closing of a financial year and transitioning to a new one and most importantly the D-Day to exhibit our citizenry by paying our taxes right today, whether our customer pays us or not !

Why Poetry ? Well, not just because 21st March was World Poetry Day but because in our daily grind we have forgotten to stop by and smell the flowers, stop by and listen to people, stop by and take note of the little, little things that give us happiness. We have forgotten to pick up life-tips from the world around us. We have forgotten to listen to the little voices that speak sense.

Let me indulge a bit and share a simple yet profound poem that my little niece, all of 13 years has penned :


I gaze out of the window,
I just see a tree.
It has shed it’s leaves,
And soon will get new ones.
Is the same going to happen with me!!!

Our life is so illusionary,
Enticing into more and more problems;
Until and unless we evoke the
Fighter within us.
We’ll just be running about in circles.

We laugh, we cry,
We fall, we enjoy;
Time passes and flies,
But true friends always stand by.

The mind is like water,
Racing thoughts unstoppable;
People say keep your mind calm and blank,
But is it really possible?

Sheer happiness, potential and
Success far locked away for;
Criticized and shattered
hearts and brains.

No books have the secrets to
These mysterious mazes,
There is no key to unlock the past:
It is just I who keep hoping,
dreaming and begin every
tomorrow with a new start.
Simran Jayarao

Well, isn’t the small, little girl talking big things in a simple way that moves you ?

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