Looking forward in life with hope

July, 2013

In the present fast paced world, where we talk of burn outs and exhaustion leading to frequent job-hopping and pre-mature retirements in the quest for the ‘missing family-work life balance’, it was interesting to read about Dr. S Padmavati, India’s first woman heart specialist who at the ripe age of 96 is perhaps the oldest practicing doctor too ! There seems to be no slowing-down or shifting gears for the Padma Vibhushan awardee who works for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Swimming and walking have kept her fit but it is her supreme dedication to her profession that has kept her going. You can read more about her in the Economic Times dated 30th June, 2013.

In my own personal circle, there is this grand old uncle of mine who at the advanced age of 97 is so full of life, hope and positivity that he inspires all of us with the exemplary balanced life he has led, the people he has touched and the latest updates he always has to share. No regrets, no despondency, no cynicism, no ‘in my-days talk’, no ‘why doesn’t God take me away sighs’ ! He lives in the ‘here and now’ and enjoys every moment. He is keen to publish a paper on Nuclear Geology and is working at it, being one of the oldest living Geologists / Uranium specialists. Obviously he loves his profession as much as he does his life. I think it is ‘Hope’ and the forward-looking attitude which is helping such adorable elderly lead a life of dignity, independence and purpose.

Can we take a cue from them and reorganize ourselves to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life ?

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