Make a customer not a sale!!!

August, 2018

As my alma mater, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India hits half a century (1968 to 2018), I thought it is worthwhile sharing the following 10 commandments with our members and students, both young and not-so-young to be successful in the challenging times that we are witnessing :

Do it right the first time
Be diligent & accountable
Earn management / client & co-workers’ confidence
Don’t become redundant (lack of knowledge updation)
Become redundant (create space to delegate and take up new work)
Read legal & business newspapers & journals. Understand company’s / client’s business
Learn to strike a meaningful conversation with clients, co-workers and associates
Become a multi-tasker
Take ownership for correct and timely delivery
Finally enjoy the work. Have Fun.

While I can dedicate a separate editorial for each of the above and may be add more also, let me share my experience about Customer Connect from 3 different scenarios which are equally relevant for our profession also.

✤ Basavaraju was the affable, courteous customer-support executive from Printo who came up with a beautifully designed picture collage for our office reunion a few weeks back. Annoyingly picky as we women are, he spent several hours with us fitting in as many pictures as possible in as creative a manner as he could. He not only worked beyond his normal working hours but also got back home and recreated several options for us so that we are happy and satisfied. I thought he went beyond the call of duty to do this for us. And, most importantly he did it ungrudgingly and with a smile on his face without rushing into completion. I sensed his genuine customer care and gave him a high rating.

✤ Ancita was the knowledgeable, confident and insightful young sales manager at the upmarket watch store, taking us on a journey of variety of watches. She allowed us to discover what was best for us without being pushy or championing any particular brand or making us feel small that we discarded a high-end one. She had deep product knowledge as well as an insight into what suited us the best. Not to mention her disarming smile and gentle but firm demeanour. She connected so well that I couldn’t step out of the store without buying. Gave her a high rating as well.

✤ Roopa, of course is our friendly, approachable family jeweller who single-handedly runs a jewellery store attending to the demands of many customers all at once. Never once in the last 20 years have I seen her getting anxious or upset with any of the customers. Such is the comfort and confidence she displays that we are willing to wait for her attention and get the right kind of advice. Mind you, selling gold jewellery to women of all ages in a highly competitive locality where there are multiple high-end branded showrooms is not a joke. She multi-tasks with élan, poise and grace. Always wearing a welcoming smile. Being a business owner, she doesn’t ask for my rating. But she is high on my list always.

3 different products. 3 different people. But the same experience – customer delight thanks to customer connect. At Samhita, we strive to keep the connect through various elements of wise thoughts, pictures, dates, regulatory updates and insights.

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