Marks is not all in life – Happy Teacher’s day!!

September, 2016

Taking off from where I left last…….’marks-for-sports’. How is ‘ marks-for-study’ working ?

yes, it works but there is a flaw here too. Rather than understanding the concepts and enjoying the learning process, focus is on cramming and gaining marks so that you get into colleges …..again not to study and learn but to enroll for a coaching class or clear some exam ! There is a mad rush to score more and more marks, so much so that even 100% is not enough for some of the country’s so-called elite colleges. Can you believe this rush is more from the parents rather than the children ? The other day I was speaking to my neighbour who is a home-tutor. She is more than that. She is a teacher, mentor, agony-aunt, counselor – all rolled into one. During our conversation, she threw up her hands and said “It is easy to handle the children but not their parents!” She says the pressure to fare well in academics and score high marks is so intense that children fear to face their parents. She recalled a case where a girl was trembling to meet her parents, because she had ‘only scored 23 out of 25’ ! She was pushed to tuitions to ensure she scores a perfect cent. I was shocked when I heard many such anecdotes from her including that often parents resort to physical punishment too for not performing up to their expectations.

Can you believe this behavior is more from the so-called elite parents who are ivy-league educated and occupy senior management positions in well-known corporates ? They have reached somewhere in life (or so they think !!) and want their children to go beyond. They push them without understanding which field the child is actually interested in.

Unfortunate that we watch and applaud movies like ‘3 Idiots’ but ignore the message that ‘Marks Is Not All in Life’. This Teachers Day (5th September), let us all pledge to create happier and more meaningful learning environments for our children and youth.

This could be through traditional schools or open schools or sports schools, art schools…whatever that interests the child. Let us school ourselves first with open minds and large hearts !!

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