Miracle in every new begining!!

November, 2018

“Papillon”, starring Steve McQueen, “The Lion King”, Alistair McLean’s “Puppet on a Chain”, “Cliff Hanger” starring Sylvester Stallone, were some of many of the movies I saw in this Cinema. Aah not to forget “Lost in the Desert” where school children used to get concession to watch this movie. And of course some of the morning shows on Sunday after having hot Dosa and Coffee opposite the cinema hall – the then Ranganath Cafe…… Adieu Rex Cinema!!

The above message is a fond obituary by my dear friend of 30 years (a Company Secretary and die-hard Bangalorean) who loves good old Bangalore, its gentle ways & generous people, the abundant greens, the wide roads, the English movies & songs of a bygone era, the no-frills restaurants which served delicious but non-fancy food when the city truly was a Pensioners’ Paradise !! He relives every moment of nostalgia and I wasn’t surprised when I received the above outpouring on a Sunday morning along with a newspaper clip that said “REX in Peace”. It took me down the memory lane as well. We had a good long chat when he recalled how he was thrilled to watch a movie for which he had to turn up several times over weeks at the Rex cinema hall, since it was running house-full. Those were days when there was joy in deprivation. Value in scarcity. Virtue in patience. Happiness in sharing. Pride in preserving………

Not only our city, the entire world has changed, nay transformed completely with celebration of everything new and disruptive. Perhaps that is the way of life. That is the way things are meant to be. That is a reflection of growth. I am not going to dwell deep on this in this 201st issue which is the beginning of yet another Innings of Samhita. I am just reminding myself and you that the regulatory landscape has undergone a sea change too when I look back on the last 9 years and 200 issues. We have kept pace and moved on because we believe “There is miracle in every new beginning.” We look back every now and then but stay focussed on the path ahead.

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