Mother – True leader!!

December, 2017

Mother’s Day is far away but this seems to be a Season for Mothers ! While Manushi Chillar, current Miss World 2017 from India paid her tribute to her mother saying “Mother’s job deserves the highest respect and highest salary”, I heard a young man all of 22 give a talk about his mother as his role model. He won the Best Speaker recognition at a Speaking club recently when he recalled the various moments in his life about how his mother ‘put up’ with all his mischief and tantrums, managed her career and cared for the family with no complaints nor demand for ‘incentives’. It was touching to hear that during demonetisation, as a bank employee this mother would travel every day 180 kms up and down to her posting in a remote village and be back home late night, just to serve healthy food to the family. The boy shared with pride that his mother never felt this was an ordeal since she said she was ‘In the service of the Nation’ ! A lay, unsung patriot !! He said “I don’t need a bigger inspiration in my life”.

Another talk I heard from a slightly older gentleman and my good friend was also in praise of his mother. In about 6 minutes, he was able to pack in various anecdotes about how his mother, an uneducated, simple woman is an epitome of patience, care, love, will power, resilience & broad-mindedness. A senior management employee in an MNC, he said his mother is his role model and he has grown to respect and love her for her ‘quiet but assertive’ style of communication which has no jargons, no admonition, no pampering words – but just an assurance that she trusts him. It was moving to hear him say that he felt guilty he isn’t spending enough time with her.

I am sure each one of us has similar experiences and memories to share about a Mother. Why, as if to read our minds, I received a whatsapp message quantifying how much a home-bound mum should hypothetically be earning. Well, her role cannot be measured. Cannot be quantified. Cannot be replaced. Cannot be outsourced. It is invaluable to the individual, family and the society at large. I think rather than saying it is the Mother, let’s say it is the motherly attributes. In today’s world, there are many men staying put at home and taking on the responsibility of raising children or stepping back in their careers so that the woman can move on at some points. These ‘male home-makers’ too deserve equal applause though they may be in smaller numbers.

I recall a couple of years ago, I had written about the attributes of a Leader which goes something like this ….

*Skin of a rhino
*Courage of a soldier
*Compassion of a mother
*Understanding of a friend
*Patience of a saint

Whether a Mother is paid or not, valued or not, recognised or not she is a Leader no doubt who shapes many a lives.
Having said this, as our newsletter enters the 9th year (yes, we have successfully completed 8 years !) I am grateful to all the contributors and patrons over the years. No doubt this news-letter is a women-run initiative. Yet the support from the other-half is no less significant. Again amaatra – cannot be measured.

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