Music & Management – World Music Day!!

June, 2016

Brexit shook the entire world. Next it could be Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovakout and Byegium. Only Germain & Turk-In, joked people on a lighter note on this historic event. Rexit news is still raging. Messixit news stunned football fans ! Amidst all this is celebration of “DAYS” !! Dad’s Day, International Yoga Day, World Music Day, Chartered Accountant’s Day & Doctors Day. My pick is World Music Day (21st June)….and a reflection on Music and Management.

Just imagine a team where truly ‘Together Each Achieves More’ even while showcasing the individual talent. They enjoy their work and ensure ‘sheer customer delight’. There is personal excellence, harmony, innovation, customer interaction, healthy competition and more. Wondering which is this dream team and whether this is actually possible or not ? Well, those of you who are music rasikas (connoisseurs) will agree with me that an Indian Classical Music Concert is a personification of brilliant team work !! Nothing is orchestrated / practised in advance as a Team. Yet the artistes emote soulfully through their performance. Individual brilliance sparkles the team delivery. While some concerts are sublime and soulful, some have the majestic gait of an elephant. Yet others are high-voltage performances creating a ‘tsunami’ like experience. The songs range from devotional and divine to playful and teasing to peppy and fast numbers – in all producing sheer ecstasy through music !

They say music moves mountains, music melts hearts, music cures, music unites and now I say music teaches management too.

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