Nightly Blooms – GST & Bramha Kamalas

June, 2017

June is significant for World Environment Day, Water Day, Music Day and so on. But this time it is GST all the way. Nothing can be more transformational than this single biggest Nation-wide Tax Roll-out that is set to impact the chaiwallah (Tea Vendor) on the road to the billionaire business tycoon in private jets. Ironically it required a Chaiwallah to take kadak (strong) decisions and actions to usher in GST and change the flavours of business ! No prizes for guessing who this Kadak Chaiwallah is ☺

At the stroke of midnight today, Excise, Sales tax, VAT, Octroi and several other indirect taxes will die a legislative death to resurrect in a new avatar as GST. When the whole world sleeps (this is a misnomer in today’s world when technology doesn’t allow us to sleep at all !) India will awaken to a new reform as the Government rolls out the red carpet in a celebratory style for the new STAR – GST !!

GST or no GST. Look at the Night Queen, the lovely white Brahma Kamalas from our garden that adorn our banner this time. They bloom and open to the fullest at midnight, bouncing softly in the gentle breeze, lighting up the darkness around, oblivious of whether there are people around to appreciate or not. They perform on select nights quietly with no expectation. For a change they have the GST bloom for company this time !

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