Note from my gardener..I loved it!!

February, 2019

Customer satisfaction is passé. It is customer delight now. Every supplier / service provider tries every trick in the book and even outside the book to ensure that a customer is delighted with his product / service and stays with him. The ‘Thank You’ comes in various avataars and forms and languages including language of discounts and enticing, irresistible offers. While I am not one to be swayed by such offers and communications, I was delighted when I received the following message on whatsapp along with a picture of my garden from my gardener :


I can find many language and grammar errors in this simple statement but there is no error for sure in the sentiment behind this genuine ‘thank you’ message. Don’t you agree ? I was touched to receive this exactly a year after my garden was transformed by Murali, my gardener who used both face book and whatsapp to convey his gratitude to the garden make-over and maintenance work given to him. A simple gesture but a great impact. I loved it. Just loved the thought behind it and the simplicity in execution. As they say, ‘if you feel it, say it’. Of course I can vouch for his work too. Mere empty words not backed by quality service do not delight a customer.

As I reflect, let me take you from a feeling of delight to a feeling of gratitude for …………?? Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it. That is the ever changing, fluid, dynamic, unsettled, unsettling Companies Act, 2013 that constantly keeps ‘teasing’ & ‘provoking’ us…..many a times ‘shocking’ & ‘shaking’ up the corporate world too. A stark contrast to its solid, stodgy, stoic earlier avatar of Companies Act, 1956 which was finally buried legally (read repealed) on Martyr’s Day i.e. 30th January, 2019, except for a few remnants. R.I.P CA1956 ! Having started with it as a student and for most part of my professional life, I do have fond memories of the well drafted, tightly-knit law which has stood the test of time for 63 long years and still serves as the backbone of the current law. Strange that at times we develop a bonding with inanimate things like furniture, house, car, roads, mountains…..and even a piece of legislation and ruminate over the separation or loss !! Wondering to whom do I pay condolences to now ? ☺ Nay, may be better to pay respects and gratitude to the Companies Act, 1956 which has served as my ‘anna-daata’ for over 2 decades, as it may have for several professionals of my generation.

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