Power of 3 Cs

November, 2012

Have you seen a flock of geese flying ? They never fly alone. You will never see one trailing the other, trying to fly past the other like our own drivers racing past another vehicle. They always fly in groups and in a V shape. Research shows that they increase their flight efficiency by 71% if they fly as a flock rather than alone. If a goose leaves the flock because of the air resistance he finds it difficult to fly. Sooner or later he comes back to join the flock again. He realizes the power of staying together and collaborating to reach the destination. If a goose gets injured or falls sick, the rest of them just don’t keep flying, anxious about reaching. Some of them drop out of the formation, help the sick or injured goose to recoup and either join with the original team or form another one to reach the destination. They are birds but they know the power of cooperation, collaboration and coexistence that I salute !

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