Raining – MCA

July, 2014

It is raining, it is pouring… … … … really ? At least, the drenched, dripping white petals say so. Alas, the reality is starkly different. While some parts of the country are receiving heavy rains, most parts are bone dry. Bangalore seems cursed again with abysmal rains and a number of mysterious viruses causing serious are not difficult to fathom – each one of us is a cause in throat and respiratory illnesses.

If you introspect, the reasons some way or the other. Soon we may need to contend ourselves with ‘feeling the rain’ by looking at pictures and dreaming of rainy days or singing this nursery rhyme… … … …

It’s raining; it’s pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head,
And he wouldn’t get up in the morning

Who knows some geek may even come up (or must have already come up) with a wearable device that can help you experience different seasons at the touch of a button or a screen or by just visualizing the same. Dreadful to think that something as normal and welcome as rain could also move into virtual reality !

It is raining, it is pouring… … … ..nay it is flooding… … … .notifications and clarifications by MCA. After brining in a half-baked legislation, at least the Government is now listening and trying to pick up lost ground. However, the damage has been done due to lack of transitional provisions and it has got as messy and slushy as it could.

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