Respect the Environment

June, 2014

After IPL, it is football ‘night fever’ that is adding to the rising temperatures. Another reason could be that we as citizens of the Earth are not conserving water enough. While water is the beginning and end of life, we are taking it for granted, assuming it is a perennial source that will not just dry up. Over 75% of Earth is covered with water but how much of it is potable and supports life ? Just take time to watch a video or ppt called ‘SAVE WATER – YEAR 2070’ by our Hon’ble Former President of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam wherein the protagonist is a 50 year old (looking like a 85 year old) and gives a first person account of life in the year 2070. He laments about life (or the lack of it) due to shortage / absence of water. You will shudder to imagine how life can be without water. You will realize how we are all contributing to such a gory future for our forthcoming generations.

It is never too late. Do take stock and contribute in your own small way so that the future generations get to experience what greenery and water is. Let it be beyond social network messages, uploading selfies and wearing T shirts with messages.

Remember, June commemorates World Environment Day (5th June), World Oceans Day (8th June) & World Desertification Day (17th June).

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