Salutations to this great mother-Dr.Malati Holla “Mathru Foundation”

May, 2016

In the last issue, I vented out my ire against Infosys and MCA for the inefficient functioning of the premier portal of India, being used by all corporates and professionals. This time let me talk of a great human being who could have kept venting out her ire against God and the entire humanity for the state she is in – she is wheel-chair bound and has undergone not less than 36 surgeries in her life so far. Instead of doing that, she has not only stood on her own but is also providing shelter and empowerment to similar specially abled boys through her ‘Mathru Foundation’. I have written about this exemplary woman in the 112th issue of Lexspeak and feel privileged to be writing about her initiatives again.

From a small facility provided by HAL on the Old Airport Road to the Foundation’s own 3-storeyed disabled-friendly home and training school on the outskirts of Bangalore, the journey has been long and arduous – the building is entirely made out of donations. A couple of weeks ago, the Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka inaugurated this facility called ‘Mathru Pragati’ where Dr. Malathi Holla declared “I WANT TO BE A MOTHER TO 100 CHILDREN”. Mind you, these are 100 Divyaangs or specially-abled children she wants to mother and shelter.

Salutations to this great Mother on the occasion of Mothers’ Day (May 8th)!! You can contribute to her cause through

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