Salutes to all Women leaders!!!

March, 2018

Yet another Women’s Day came and went by on 8th March. This time the theme was “Press for Progress” with focus on ‘collaboration’ & ‘shared responsibility’. I was invited by two MNCs to address their women employees. I took the opportunity to share my own personal experience which I thought will be more credible than talking about some celebrities who are so often quoted and heard. I am no celebrity but by the sheer number of years that I have tried to balance my working life and personal one, I guess I qualify to say something. It has helped me to be a marathoner than a sprinter. Here are some buttons to press for progress :

✤ Press for Progress with People Power – nothing is ever achieved alone
✤ Create & nurture support system – do it even before you need it
✤ Stand on your legs – financial independence is a must
✤ Realise your potential – education, career, marriage, family, hobbies, service to society, everything is possible
✤ Ask what you want – be clear about your priorities in life and ask assertively, don’t hesitate
✤ Don’t strive to be a perfect woman – it is a myth, not worth the stress
✤ Take bold decisions – whether office or family, sometimes it is better to move on
✤ Trust, delegate, empower – this is the secret to success of ‘shared responsibility’
✤ Health is wealth – take care of yourself first, this will take care of the family
✤ Learn to say No – my co-speaker said this and I echo
✤ Believe in yourself – Dont under estimate, YOU ARE SHAKTI

There are many attributes of a good leader but as women, many of us are endowed with compassion and empathy. Use them well. They are not signs of weakness. Rather they bring in a different style of leadership when mixed judiciously with aggression and candidness. A strong leader needs all of these contrasting attributes and more.

I salute all the women leaders – at home and outside, sung, unsung and wish each one progresses well in their respective chosen paths. Whether a woman earns or facilitates earning by her man, by staying back to take care of the family – she is an economic contributor and is most valuable to society.

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  • Kavitha Rajendran

    Awesome Sharada. I loved this list and to me the top 2 that strikes a chord with me right now is
    1. Financial Freedom
    2. You cannot be a perfect women(tried so hard !!)
    Pls do continue to keep sharing…

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