Solace in the Stars!!

July, 2020

Last issue was a colourful pink but this time I am happy to showcase this beautiful, sublime piece of mandala art by yet another team member of mine Ms. Trupti Hegde. Away from the hustle & bustle of Bangalore (now a fear-gripped city of exodus), she must be finding it peaceful to let her imagination flow either from the lush fields or the mountain tops of her village as she dabs at the free-hand geometric designs. The perfect curves, bends, lines & spacing in Black & White seem to reflect the universal truth of duality – of Life & Death, Sorrow & Joy, Growth & Decline, Light & Darkness, In & Out, This (Iha) & That (Para), Yin & Yang !!

Resonating with my thoughts above is this Strange but True contrast of life that I came across recently

✤ Inspite of so many Colours – Black & White is considered Class

✤ Inspite of so many Voices – Silence is considered Ultimate

✤ Inspite of so much to Eat – Fasting is considered Healthy

✤ Inspite of so much to Travel – Meditation is considered Superior

✤ Inspite of so much to See – Looking within is Apex

✤ Inspite of so much to Hear – Voice from inside you is Eternal

✤ Inspite of a sweet Life – A peaceful soul is Solace & Divine

We hear of so many precious lives lost to COVID, lost on the frontiers so that we can live ours, lost to hunger & poverty, lost to melancholy and many more reasons. Yet amidst this gloom and despair, I would like to share (with her permission) this beautiful tribute to my late, dear friend Jayakrishnan Pillai penned by his wife Cini, affirming that there is hope, there is life, there is the glow of stars.

Solace in the Stars

The Sun went off in a moment, so abrupt
Off went the colours, and the light and the warmth
The world turned grey, cold and numb
I was thrown into darkness, hitherto unknown
Sad, angry, distressed, lost
Unable to fathom the length or the depth
Groping the infinite, the abysmal space
Uncertain if there is a way beyond..

And then, I saw them, the shiny little stars,
Lighting up my sky, in many different hues
A warm orange glow, a soothing blue,
An energising green, a cheering yellow

Wrapping me in a cocoon of warmth
Nudging me ahead, life has to move on..
My Sun, you are irreplaceable
You will be missed, ever so dearly

In every moment, every breath
And as I tread this path we wove with our dreams
I do want to let you know
I have these stars keeping me company, Lighting my life , each in its own way!!

We had goosebumps as we heard Cini read this out aloud, bravely to us, a group of Jay’s friends. We were left speechless and numb as I am now, unable to write anything further. But as she says Life must go on…..So must my writing and your reading…

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