Sreenivasan Narasimhan

Sreenivasan Narasimhan is a Company Secretary (CS) as well as law graduate from CMR Law School, Bangalore. Having joined the CS fraternity, he intends to scope out new areas in which a CS may practice.

Sreenivasan currently advises startups and multinational companies on varied areas of the Companies Act, 2013 and FEMA. He also advises not-for-profits such as Sec. 8 Companies, Trusts and Societies on compliance and governance matters.

He is a public-spirited person who wishes to imbibe legal awareness among his friends, family and colleagues. His main goal is to bring about ease of compliance so that entrepreneurs feel the ease of doing business. Sreenivasan believes that knowledge should keep transferring for human thoughts to evolve.

Sreenivasan’s fondness for public speaking, beach towns, spy thrillers and mob series keeps him busy during his off days.

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