Stay connected – ODE TO LIFE- Mr.Rama Rao

April, 2015

Save-the-internet campaign, IPL ecstasy, our PM’s Vijay Yatra (victory trip) to Germany & Canada, mind-boggling stipends to interns by talent-hungry start-ups, who has gobbled whom in the mad corporate race to numero uno position, the irony of the unseasonal rains killing the crops and clogging our roads – all these and more hogged the limelight this fortnight, amongst other important happenings. Not for me. I am relishing the pleasant nostalgia of a gentleman who was declared NOT OUT at 98, as he crossed over the ‘crease of life’ last week after batting for 98 long years.

I have mixed feelings travelling down the memory lane to the 84th and 100th issue of Lexspeak…… to recall that such a person as him ever lived on this earth and sorrow because he called it a day finally. The small, petite body of Mr. Rama Rao, my grand old uncle was an eternal spring of joie de vivre that quenched our thirst for ‘how to lead a fulfilling life ?’. His boundless positive energy, quest for knowledge, enthusiasm and zest for life transcended all barriers of age, nationality, geography and interests. It was amazing to see how he adapted himself to the changing times, especially to technology. Every day he would spend an hour on the email staying connected to his family and friends spread far and wide, apart from reading, talking on the phone and meeting people.

‘Stay connected’ was his mantra for life ! If only he were a few years younger and fitter he would have taken to facebook and twitter with hordes of likes and followers trending. A true tribute to a gentleman who lived a full life always caring and giving would be to pick a few lessons from his journey and use it as we go along.

For professionals challenged by countless issues of theory and practice, ethics and values, rights and wrongs, do’s and dont’s his life is an open book with new insights as we delve into it each time. He was an ‘ODE TO LIFE’ !!

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