Swachtha from within

October, 2014

Recently an associate of mine and I were listing down the number of registrations, permissions and licences a manufacturing unit has to obtain while setting up business in India. It was well beyond the half-century mark given the number of ministries, departments and government agencies involved both at the Centre and State. If the Company is a foreign entity entering India, compliances are even more. This does not augur well for the country when the PM is giving a “Come, make in India” call. Of course yesterday’s announcement to cut the labour act forms from 16 to 1 and relax the inspection raj is welcome.

In addition to this, isn’t it time something is done for not only ‘Swach Bharath’ in terms of garbage cleaning but also ‘Swach Vyapar’ or ‘Clean Business’? Corruption is the biggest polluter and unless transactions are clean, doing business in India will not be attractive. Many of you must have received a message from the Health Minister on the eve of ‘Global Hand washing Day’ yesterday to wash and keep our hands clean. Can ‘Swach Business’ also be made part of the ‘Swach Bharath Mission’?

We can argue that cleanliness starts from us but I am of the opinion Government also has an important role to play in this. E-transactions, e-filing, e-approvals are the order of the day but not without endless follow ups, explanations, clarifications and the attendant ‘speed money’. This is an open truth which we may not like to acknowledge in public. And this is only one part of the pollution………….Swachtha or cleanliness in all forms must be promoted.

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