Team work makes dream work!!!

April, 2019

If you recall, the last issue was about ‘Seed Post’ and it carried a line “……The thought in similar way travels and propagates in our minds.” How true ! It not only propagates but also crystalizes as an outcome. The Warli art in the banner is an outcome of one such small thought seeded in my mind long, long time ago. It is the product of my long cherished dream to learn and paint warli art which is so simple yet appealing.

While the thought lingered in my mind for long, I struggled to find the time to join an art class amidst the busy work and other activities schedule. It remained as a “I will do it someday” wish. I kept dreaming that someday I will be good enough to paint the big office wall ………..until that day in March when ……..when one of my clients, an artist couple for whom I had registered an LLP turned up. We struck a conversation. I shared my wish, my dream with them. Lo and behold, they offered an easy-to-do solution. They said they would do the basic line drawings while my team could fill it up with paint. I never thought my cherished dream could be fulfilled so easily. While the artist couple, Anand & Anjali created the Tree of Life and a rustic life around it through their line diagram, my team and I brought them to life with the “Labour of Love & Teamwork”. Yes, this is what I call it. The whole experience of painting daily was very meditative and therapeutic. So much so that once done, I felt sad that the activity was over at last. The daily motivation of doing something different from the regular legal work was over. I had almost built an emotional attachment with the birds, flowers, trees, leaves, people, houses, animals etc. on the wall. To me it represents a microcosm of our world. Difference is that on the wall it is such a beautiful sustainable livelihood that depicts co-living, inter-dependent living, simple living……basically promoting one of UN Sustainable Development Goals “Sustainable Cities & Communities”. Sadly in reality, we are moving far away from this.

Well, as a group activity, warli art is simple and easy to execute. And of course fun too, as we give life to the variety of forms. Best part is, it doesn’t matter if someone’s hand or leg is thin or fat. Some bird’s feathers are not proportionate or a beak is longer. The differences and inequality of the geometric designs make the art even more realistic and credible.

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