Amar Bhaskar

Absolutely amazing to get the certificate of incorporation from MCA precisely in just 24 hours after submission! Congratulations Sreenivasan and Rajeswari, You all did it !

After some couple of initial discussions, finally on 3rd of Dec2021, I wrote to Sharada requesting for this service, we highlighted that we would like to have the incorporation completed by Sankranthi and get going with our planned activities… Even though you all had many other pre-committed work you still made it to incorporate Mitra CanCare Foundation well on time a day before Sankranti ! Thank You team SCS&A for your dedicated efforts, tackling the challenging situations and internal work pressures and demonstrated commitment to deliver the service to customers. In a well managed project, there are no surprises !

Amar Bhaskar
Mitra CanCare Foundation (S.8 company)

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