Clinical Trials Company (US subsidiary)

We have had the pleasure of working with Sharada & her team over the last several years. As we have grown from an early stage company into a more full fledged entity, we have sought significant counsel on a number of key issues from her team. Corporate compliance rules in India are complex and ensuring that a fast evolving company is complying with the regulations is a challenge. We are thankful that the team has provided us with the right guidance and ensured that as a growing company, we constantly have kept abreast of the requirements and the mandates. Further, the industry we work in has little to no precedence in India. As a result, the demands that we placed on them on unraveling various responsibilities and actions have been complex and at each point, they have responded with the highest level of professional integrity. It has been a pleasure to work with the various individuals of the team and I strongly recommend that their services be sought at every stage of a company’s evolution.

CEO & Director
Clinical Trials Company (US subsidiary)

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