French Publishing Company

We were introduced to Sharada & her team for the purpose of the buying out of an Indian company. During the intensive work period of the buying out, I had and still have the opportunity to appreciate the huge work they make: not only they are available and flexible (whatever the difference of time), but also professional, reliable, clear, honest, direct, efficient… and they have a great sense of ethics; in such an extent that you really have the feeling that we are working together for a long long time.

Sharada & her team are dealing so closely with you that they represent perfectly the interest of your company because not only they take into consideration the legal aspects of your project, but also the financial and economic part of it. Working with them is not only working with a lawyer: it is working as a team. They are inventive in finding solutions to all your problematic.
One more thing even more significant is that they also gain the confidence of all the Indian people who appreciated their implication and their great job during all the buying out phase.
For all these reasons, they have all my confidence and it is natural for us to have asked them to be our official lawyer of our new Indian subsidiary for all and any of the current affairs of the company.

Groupe Legal Manager
French Publishing Company

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