Neurosciences and Mechatronics Research Company

I am a neurosurgeon and my wife is a neuropsychologist based in Bangalore. We started a Private Limited Company with 2 NRI relative couples for setting up and running a centre for providing neuro rehabilitation. We wanted their investments to be in dollars as foreign investment so that they could repatriate the profits in USD. When I was desperately looking for someone to advise us properly and ‘bail us out’ of the mess created by the earlier professional we had hired, CS sharada and her team appeared like an angel out of nowhere.
She made a comprehensive and fabulous ‘diagnosis’ of the problem that we were facing and gave us a complete step by step clarity on what all needed to be done to undo this mess.
Not only that, her office under her able guidance helped us to streamline the entire CS records and complete the RBI formalities for FDI. Our problems solved, we are now back focused on helping neuro patients get well…!!

Thanks to sharada and her team.

Neurosciences and Mechatronics Research Company

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