The dates Dhamaka – Happy Diwali!!!

November, 2017

This issue is sandwiched between two Dhamakas – Diwali that went by and the DeMo anniversary that is just ahead (8th Nov). Thanks to cracker ban, voluntary No-to-Crackers by many children, GST issues and the long weekend, Diwali was a tad low this time. Perhaps the next few generations will just read about crackers or watch some visuals as history or even mythology ! DeMo (Demonetisation) was a dhamaka no doubt last year but the verdict is not yet out. Am sure people will continue to take sides but eventually the desired impact will be felt.

Talking of Dhamaka, nothing can beat the ‘Dates Dhamaka’ that has become a part of life for us. The ‘Date with Filing’ never seems to be kept up. Today a date is never sacrosanct. It is like a mirage that keeps moving away and away as you get closer and closer ! For last several years, there is nothing called the ‘filing-season’ for CAs and CSs. Everyday is a day to file some compliance form or return or pay some tax. With GST it is even worse. While the dates are being deferred to help the assessees, the uncertainty, the confusion, the technical failure and the ‘hope’ that we will get more time is adding to the anxiety with no respite. So also with the Dates for filing audited financial statements on the MCA site. 8 months after close of FY, we are notified that XBRL taxanomy for certain type of companies is still not ready. Likely to be released only by March, 2018 !!

To change means to advance. To change means not to retract. To change means to respond. Change is welcome. Change is good but it is painful. Yet, most of us are with the Government when the changes are well intended. But is it not the GOI’s responsibility to plan better, use a more robust and reliable technology platform ? Is it not necessary to first provide reliable electricity and internet connectivity before imposing electronic filing ? And of course a more knowledgeable and responsive ‘Helpdesk Team’ !! This will really move the Ease of Doing Business ranking a few more notches up.

On a lighter side the concept of ‘peak filing season’ and working our work and holiday schedules around does not exist anymore. It is akin to the illusory peak-hour-traffic of Bangalore – it is ‘peak hour, peaker hour and peakest hour’ (pardon the grammar murder). No respite. No slowing down. Ah……….except when it is a long weekend when almost the entire population seems to travel out of the city, allowing the rest to savour the ‘dream-hours’ on road.

Well, from dhamaka to mirage to illusion to dream to reality – lets face it.

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